Removing Grim and Dirt from Gold Jewellery at Home

The primary effort that we all on a regular basis try is to remove the grim and dirt sitting on our gold Jewellery. This can be done by brushing your Jewellery with a soft cloth or baby brush with soft bristles that is dampened in mild soap water. Indian gold jewellery especially South Indian Jewellery or Ethnic Jewellery sets often comes with intricate designs and for hard to reach spots, gently comb the area with brush.

For Kundan Jewellery, Stone Embedded Jewellery or any other Stone Studded Gold Jewellery designs you can clean them at home without causing any damage to the gemstones. An important consideration with such jewelry pieces is that you should never immerse them into the water since the water can end up getting trapped in the setting, thus causing rust or the discoloration of the setting or stones as well as cause the stones to fall out after some time.

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